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Report lost/stolen ATM/Debit card

If you believe your ATM/debit MasterCard has been lost or stolen, please call 1-866-842-5208.  You will need your name as it appeared on your card or on your account and indicate Anahuac National Bank as the issuing bank, regardless of which branch you bank from.    

In addition, please call the Bank during business hours to let us know about your card so we may mark our records accordingly.   The bank numbers are:

Anahuac location                           409-267-3106

Barbers Hill location                        281-385-6455

East Chambers Location                409-296-2265

Hardin Bank                                    936-298-2265 


Use a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Credit or Debit? It’s a familiar question from the store clerk when you pull out a plastic card to make a purchase. Either way you use your ATM/Debit Master Card, the money comes directly out of your checking account.

Suspicious Transactions

If fraud is suspected on a debit card transaction, you will receive a call from a TRANSFUND / ELAN Fraud Prevention Analyst on the Bank's behalf to verify the transaction(s) are yours.  The number shown on your Caller ID will be 612-492-8369.  If you do not answer the call they will leave a message and a toll free number (1-866-842-5208).  It's important to call them back as your debit card may have been blocked due to susupected fraud. If your card has been blocked due to suspicious transactions, the analyst will be able to review the transactions with you. If you are able to identify the transactions, they will unblock your card.  For this reason, it is very important to keep your mobile and home phone numbers current with the Bank as these are the numbers that will be used to call you. The Fraud Prevention Analyst will not be able to help you with any type of limit increase.

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